URGENT HELP: Scuttles, a special womancat, needs purrs, prayers and help with Vet bills


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Please help me help dear Scuttles by sharing her information.  We will all be so thankful.  Be sure to check out the photo gallery on the fundraising page to see more of beautiful Scuttles.

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Poor sweet Scuttles is at the Upstate Veterinary Specialists here in Greenville, SC. A friend works on a farm where Scuttles wandered up during the winter. She got got vetted, hence the clipped ear, and she had to trap her in order to do that because she would not let anyone near her. Once Scuttles got back from the vet, it turns out she is the sweetest little bundle of 6 pounds joy that you could ever ask for.

The owner of the farm where Scuttles has been living lost his wife last year and he is an elderly man who lives alone. He fell and broke his hip and is in the bed home from the hospital on pain meds recovering. Scuttles was the official greeter of all who come and go on the property. She has to get her pets from everyone. She never ventures out into the road, but now people are coming and going all day long to take care of the man, maids, home health aids, etc.

Last Tuesday someone ran over Scuttles. The dogs were barking at something that had crawled under the porch, and it turns out it was Scuttles. She was badly hurt. They are fairly hopeful at Upstate Veterinary Specialists, but make no promises. Scuttles has a pelvic fracture in two places and two leg fractures. Scuttles also has some spine trauma as well. She is incontinent at present but we are hoping that will change once surgery to repair her with plates and screws is complete and the swelling goes down. She has been an enormous trouper through all of it. They have manipulated and pinched and twisted this and that and she just purrs. She pants though because she is in such awful pain and they will only mildly help the pain so that she does not move more than she should.

Help Scuttles
We are in need of $$$ to help pay her Vet bills, and when she is well we need to find her a safe and inside home. Scuttles is very tiny, only 6 pounds and full grown, and as sweet as can be, a love muffin. Even Dr. Hadly at Upstate Veterinary Specialists fell head over heals for her sweet disposition. Her bill is a whopping $3500.00 dollars. We would be most appreciative of anything that anyone can donate be to help the with the bill.


We received word Saturday this that the surgery went well. Dr. Ritter, the orthapod who did the surgery, said the bones went together very well. His major concern, and one we voiced before they ever did surgery, is nerve damage from the spinal cord. Her left back leg will right itself when you turn it over but the other one will only do so when you try and push her like she is trying to walk, and then it is lazy and slow to grasp. Also she has not eaten on her own and she is completely incontinent at present. We do not know if she is lying in the urine because it hurts to get up away from it or she is truly incontinent. Dr. Ritter said he wants to test her nerves and then maybe, just maybe, she could go to cage rest from there. But if things don’t look good to his satisfaction, then she will be reassessed on. We need the money and a home, but first of and foremost we need prayers for her. She is far from out of the woods to even think of anything else.

Update #2

Scuttles went back home to be on several weeks cage rest today.  When the woman came to the ER this morning when called she did not feel too hopeful.  They put her in a room and then some staff members started to come in one after the other.  No one said a word.  Then the doctor came in with Scuttles in his arms.  He then put her down and said, “go show mama what you can do!”  And with that a weak and sprawled out kitty tried her best to slide over too mama crying and yeowling all the way.  The staff and doctor came in to watch they were thrilled at her progress.

Help Scuttles




We still don’t know about any nerve damage or incontinence at this juncture but she is better much better and she is not eating yet having to be force fed, but Praise God she has been blessed all the way!

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