WInnipeg Humane Society Launches Unique Pesticide Awareness Campaign

WHS Launches Unique Pesticide Awareness Campaign (via PRWeb)

The Humane Society and its partners today launched a Winnipeg-wide campaign to alert citizens to the danger lawn pesticides pose for children and pets. Pesticide awareness campaign ad Many people know pesticides threaten children’s health but we also…

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THERE IS A GROWING BODY OF EVIDENCE THAT WINNIPEG HUMANE SOCIETY IS WRONG Winnipeg Humane Society is listed as a participant in the conspiracy to prohibit against conventional pest control products. It operates as the anti-pesticide propaganda shield for organizations like Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment ( CAPE ) and David Suzuki Foundation. The following statement from Winnipeg Humane Society is FALSE ― « Doctors say lawn and garden pesticides hurt our kids ». In fact, LEADING EXPERT SCIENTISTS SAY LAWN & GARDEN PESTICIDES DO NOT HURT OUR KIDS AND DO NOT HURT OUR PETS. How did… Read more »