Beautiful and Loving Dogs Jessie and Pudy Need a New Home – Greenville, SC

Transportation is available


Jessie and Pudy are two female Sussex/Cavalier King Charles spaniels that have been extremely abused during their six years of life. Believe me when I tell you that the details of their abuse is just too upsetting to repeat.

Jessie and Pudy weigh in at only 10 and 15 pounds, about the size of a kitty, and really no bigger. They are a beautiful auburn red color. They are extremely docile and just LOVE to be in your lap all of the time. They don’t bark and are really not yappers, even when the doorbell rings. They are housetrained to go outside but have not been trained to use pads and they are crate trained as well. Jessie and Pudy are highly intelligent pooches and pick up on their new surroundings very quickly and fit in very well in all situations.

Jessie and Pudy love children and other dogs. They have not been around kitties so we do not know, but assume given their temperament, they would do well with them. These girls will capture your heart and they are so enormously loving and forgiving.

They are both spayed, tested negative for heartworms, and are up-to-date on all shots. Their hearts are sound, which is good for cavaliers which can be prone to heart problems, and their teeth are amazingly beautiful.

We will transport them wherever they need to go.

If you can help, please email me at terry(at)foreverhomewanted(dot)com and I will get you in contact with their caretaker. Please share often. Thanks.

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6 years ago

Poor babies and so beautiful! I’ll be sharing them. Thanks so much for joining the Tuesday’s Tails blog hop! If you haven’t already, please like our new Facebook page at

Dogs N Pawz
6 years ago

They are beautiful. Bless their heart. Thanks for joining the blog hop and I will share.

Dimitra krisilas
Dimitra krisilas
6 years ago

I just moved w my girls… And I would love to give these two puppy a loving home…

LeeAnne Bowen
LeeAnne Bowen
6 years ago

Please email me ASAP. I am very interested in these two angels and would love to adopt them. I had them bookmarked from Adopt a pet.

Please let me know if they are still available.

Thank you