Houston, we have a problem – by Kiril Kundurazieff and Miss Elvira

The following is a partial repost from the fabulous blog The Opinionated Pussycat. Houston not only has a problem with their stray pet population, they have a serious problem.  A new group called Rescued Pets Movement has been formed to try and help, but not only are they running into funding problems, the IRS is slowing down forward progress as well.

The entire post can be found here: The Elvira Factor 12 Houston we have a problem


Houston has a problem. It is a problem having to do with too many cats and dogs on its streets and too many in its shelters and rescues, straining the resources of all who work hard to find Forever Homes for as many of these animals as possible, and trapping, neutering and returning to the streets feral felines.

The numbers are simply staggering; According to a new article by Mike Morris, in the Houston Chronicle, officials estimate that 1.2 million (yes, MILLION) stray animals roam the streets in Houston, the city shelter (BARC) takes in about 2,000 animals a month and, as recently as 2012, BARC put down 57% of the animals it took in.

There are parts of town where the humans are very afraid of the many stray dogs loitering about and Daddy Kiril has seen groups of dogs hanging out in empty lots, whether just passing through, or permanently, he does not know.Forget the Chihuahua’s terrorizing the neighborhoods of Phoenix, as reported recently in the news, here the dogs are of many different, larger, breeds.

Read the entire post here: The Elvira Factor 12 Houston we have a problem

Thanks Kiril for bringing this issue to our attention.