Please Help 2 Cats: Baby Doll Needs a Home so Girl Kitty Can Come Inside

Okay everyone, this is a very serious situation. Our friend Marg from Marg’s Animals really needs our help, and she needs it now.

Help Baby Doll

This is beautiful Baby Doll and she is just the sweetest kitty, she loves to be loved and will give much love in return.  The only problem is that Baby Doll is afraid of other kitties.  Baby Doll has been living in Marg’s only remaining spare bedroom since she was dropped off as a foster kitty.  Unfortunately the rescue never came back for her.  Marg loves her dearly, but Baby Dolly really must find a home of her own where she can be an only kitty.  Here’s why…

Help Girl Kitty Get Inside

This is Girl Kitty, one of Marg’s long time ferals.  Girl Kitty is about 12 years old and is doing poorly.  Girl Kitty is having some problems with her eyes and she may be going blind.  Marg needs to bring her inside and the only option is the spare bedroom occupied by Baby Doll.

We must, must, must find Baby Doll a home so that Girl Kitty can get inside and get the love and attention she so needs at this point in her life.   Please, please, please spread the word and then spread the word some more.  I know some of our friends have shared this information already, but that’s okay, share it again.  We simply must help these two and we must do it now.

Transportation can be provided for Baby Doll to get her to a loving and caring home.  Contact me, terry (at) foreverhomewanted (dot) com if you can help.  Thank you so much for sharing this very important request.

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6 years ago

You are so very kind to get the word out for sweet BabyDoll. I have met this sweet little cat and can vouch for her wonderfully loving demeanor. Thank you for helping both of these kitties.

Ann Staub
6 years ago

Will be sharing Baby Doll…