Angel Jami’s Call to Action: Help Kittens Basil and Pepper – Greenville, SC

Just a little over a year ago our community came together to help handsome cat Jami find his forever home (you can read the original post here) in South Florida with our wonderful Twitter pal @MizzBassie. Jami was dumped at a Dog Rescue, no doubt for something unpleasant to happen to him. Instead, the owner of the dog rescue, Lori, saved him. Many of us participated in his transport to his new home in South Florida. Everyone who met Jami fell totally in love with him and he was quite the loving and special kitty. Unfortunately dear Jami was an escape artist and snuck out of the house too many times, and the last time when he escaped he was hit by a car and departed for the Rainbow Bridge.

Dear Jami was called to a higher mission and is asking for us to help two kittens the way we came together and helped him.

Two sweet little kittens ended up with Lori at her dog shelter here in Upstate South Carolina.  Someone who lives near Lori called her and told her that she had found a gray kitten with a badly cut and infected tail.  It turns out there was also a black kitten that was very skittish and scared.  Loir knew that if she took the kittens to the county animal shelter that they would be put to sleep.

Keep in mind, Lori runs a dog rescue, not only was she low on funds, she doesn’t know a whole lot about kitten care or socialization.  Obviously, as with Jami, a dog rescue is no place for cats.  Lori took the kittens to her Vet who kept them for a couple of weeks until they were well.  But the Vet said they needed to find somewhere else to go.  Lori still was not willing to take them to the county animal shelter so back to the dog rescue they went.  They are separated in a small bathroom.  They are a little stir crazy and get no attention or stimulation and Lori feels so bad about that.  But an active dog rescue with 50+ dogs with all the loud barking is just not a place for kittens.  Lori had them on her website for three months, but it is a dog rescue site and nobody comes there looking for kittens.

Angel Jami sent them to Lori for help, and help them we must.  Here’s where you come in.

Meet Basil and Pepper…

Help Angel Jami help Basil and Pepper find their forever home.

Basil and Pepper are both little girls.  They need a forever home.  They are both up-to-date on their shots, spayed, tested negative for the bad stuff, and have been microchipped.  Pepper is still a little skittish and will need a wee bit more socialization, but they are totally adorable and ready to escape the bark-a-thon village.  Is there someone out there willing to help two kitties that are living among the noise and having fear from all the dogs barking everywhere?  Transportation can be arranged.

If you can help Basil and Pepper, please email me at terry (at) foreverhomewanted (dot) com.  Let’s not let Angel Jami down.

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Harvey Button
7 years ago

This is on our Blog, Tweets will be scheduled for the next seven days. We hope we can help. If everyone does the same – we can WIN for these two.

Sue at Talking Dogs
7 years ago

What sweet kitties and what a story/life they’ve had. Sharing.

Sheba's Life Story
7 years ago

I hope they find there forever homes soon, will share.


Cathy Keisha
7 years ago

I’m tweeting this and gonna try to help.

Kitties Blue
7 years ago

They are so precious and look just like our angel sisfurs, Thelma and Louise, looked when they were little. Mommy is saying prayers for them and trying to think of a way to help them out. Dad say, “Eight is enough” at our house. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

Pam | Words With Wieners

Poor sweeties! They really need to find a forever home quickly! They’ve already been through a lot. Will share!

Dogs N Pawz
7 years ago

They are precious! Thank you for joining the hop and I’m off to share!