Purina ONE Makes DIY Fun with the True Nature of Cats at Maker Faire in New York

Purina ONE is at it again, taking the True Nature of Cats on the road! Purina ONE recently went to Maker Faire in New York  – the “greatest show and tell on Earth” –  to demonstrate how to enrich your cat’s feeding experience with do-it-yourself (DIY) puzzle feeders.

It’s not just about what you feed your cat, but HOW you feed your cat, and puzzle feeders allow cats to play into their natural instincts as hunters. This mental stimulation during feeding time is great for cats and helps them to be healthy and happy. And puzzle feeders don’t have to be expensive, in fact, you can make them with many of the things you find around your house!

Here are some of our favorite puzzle feeders: http://www.purinaone.com/pets/cats/diet/enrich-feeding-time-for-your-cat-make-her-a-puzzle-feeder

More great projects, many submitted by the Purina ONE Facebook community, can be found on Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/purinaonecat/diy-cat-projects/

Check out this great video of some people making some of the DIY feeders: