URGENT PLEA: 4 Kittens Need a Rescue or Foster NOW – Greenville, SC

Okay, here’s the scoop.  We have a long time rescue friend who is very ill and in the hospital in another city.  People, who know what she does, are constantly dropping off cats and kittens at her place.  SHE IS NOT HOME!  8 kittens were dropped off in carriers and left on her front porch.  They were found, fortunately.  4 are going to a rescue but the local rescue doesn’t have room for all 8 of them.  The remaining 4 have UTIs and mouth herpe sores and are being treated by a local Vet.  They can only stay through today so we must find someplace for them IMMEDIATELY or they will go to the pound and be PTS.

Help!  Please share and let’s save their lives.