Selecting the Right Veterinarian Can Ease Your Stress and Anxiety

There are few things in life that increase the anxiety and stress levels in pet lovers more than a trip to the Veterinary Office with a beloved furry family member.  Emergency visits are, by their very nature, extremely stressful for the pet and the pet owner.  Unfortunately routine, preventative and annual visits seem to evoke the same emotions.  As with most things in life, adequate preparation and knowledge eases the transition from the realm of the unknown to the reality of the known.   Your Veterinarian is a dedicated professional who is there for you and your pet.

The absolute best time to select a Veterinarian for your pet care is BEFORE you need one.  Humans often select their care providers based on availability through insurance plans or other external forces.  Fortunately, as pet owners, we can choose the healthcare professional best suited for the needs of our pet.  Your pet is relying on you to make the best and most informed decision on their behalf.

So how do you go about selecting a Veterinarian?  Quite frequently the selection is made simply by looking in the phone book and seeing who is close.  While that form of selection may ultimately turn out well for your pet, a little time and energy can likely yield more satisfying results.  Friends or acquaintances with similar pet needs will usually be more than happy to tell you about their Veterinarian.  If you are new to an area and have not made too many new friends yet, local rescue groups and animal shelters typically will have a vast knowledge of veterinary care in the area.

Once you have determined which Veterinary Practices may suit your needs, give them a call and arrange a visit.  You should arrange visits with multiple practices so that you can be aware of both the differences and similarities of practices in the area. These visits are fact-finding visits for you, so you may or may not opt to take your pet along.  Most practices love the opportunity to showcase their facilities and services during non-peak times.

Many things will be obvious when you arrive for your visit.  How does the exterior of the office look?  Is it well maintained and inviting?  Is the access to the building easy for you and for your pet?  Once inside you should notice whether or not the waiting are is clean and pet friendly.   What about the front office staff?  Did they make you feel welcome immediately?  All of these early indicators will tell you if you are on the right track.

Some things may become obvious as you tour the facility, if not, don’t be afraid to ask.  You most certainly will want to know the credentials of the veterinary staff.  Which veterinary college did they graduate from and how long have they been in practice, and where?   You will need to know their hours of operations, including weekends, and if the practice is affiliated with an after-hours emergency center.  As with human medicine, there are specialties in veterinary medicine as well so inquire about their base of specialty referral sources. Professional affiliations are always a plus so find out if there are any that the practice is proud of.  Some of the more common ones are the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners (ABVP). Don’t be shy about asking for a list of fees so that you are aware of the routine costs of regular and preventative care.

Wise and informed decisions in selecting your veterinary care provider can greatly reduce the stress of taking your pet to the Vet.  The professionals and associates at Pet Vets in Houston, TX are well equipped to answer your questions and provide your pet with quality care in a compassionate and caring environment.  The health and wellness of your pet is your responsibility and the wisdom, knowledge and skill of your Veterinarian will ease life’s journey for you both.