Help Adopt-a-Pet Help Others with Just a Facebook Like

In case you haven’t heard, has been doing a terrific thing throughout the month of August.  For every new “Like” they get on their Facebook page this month, $1 will be added to their Veterinary Care Fund – up to $10,000! We’re really excited, as this can help a lot of homeless animals.

The Veterinary Care Fund provides crucial, life-saving medical care to homeless pets. Check out the great stuff this fund helps shelters and rescues to do. This sweet dog was an Veterinary Care Fund beneficiary.


When her rescuer found her in a ditch, she was matted, dirty, and scared.  As if that wasn’t bad enough, she had a life-threatening bladder tumor and signs of kidney failure. She was in desperate need of treatment.  Today she is happy, healthy, and loved with the help of the Veterinary Care Fund!

There is still time to help more pets like Happy before time runs out. Please share and stop over and give the Adopt-a-Pet Page a LIKE>  Here’s the link to their Facebook page: