URGENT: Kitty Mama and Her Family Need Help – Gastonia, NC


I received the following urgent plea to help save a Mama Kittie and her family from a friend in Gastonia, NC. Please share often and if you can help, please contact me at terry (at) foreverhomewanted.com

I have an URGENT plea for help. I live in Gastonia, NC, have tried all rescues I can find and all say FULL. I have THE sweetest Kitty Mama and her 4 babies (3orange 1black) that I’m feeding on patio at apartment. I live with and take care of my 94yr old Mom who is very ill and just got out of hospital last week but we FEAR will be going back soon as she is worsening. I can’t have pets here due to her medical cond. and equipment and her allergies. I’d LOVE to keep these precious angels. They are still nursing but eating dry kibble and canned food. The mama came to our door almost 3wks ago and brought kittens on Tues. this week. I think someone moved away and left her. She is VERY social and FRIENDLY and Unafraid of anyone. The kittens are still afraid. They are so very active and we live in the front area of apt complex so I like little fur ball bullets shooting across the patio and into shrubs. SO VERY SWEET and FUNNY. I’ve been posting pics and plea for help.

Please, do know of anyone that could take them to safety or transport them to I’m out of options and the kittens I believe are about 2mos old–growing fast and again very very active.

I fear for their safety and it’s just killing me that I can’t help them other than what I’m doing. Please do you know of anyone? TY TY xoxoxo