Bonded Cats Buster and Maeby Seek New Forever Together Home – Upstate South Carolina

Help find us a home.
Meet Buster and Maeby, two totally adorable and bonded sibling cats who are searching for a new home together.  Severe allergies in the household make this difficult decision necessary.  These two beauties were named after characters on the TV show “Arrested Development”.

Buster and Maeby are two of the sweetest cats you will ever find and both are loving and very cuddly.  They were adopted around 5 years ago when they were found as strays at only 5 weeks old.  They have both been spayed/neutered and have all of their claws.  Buster and Maeby are brother and Sister.

Please help us find a home together.
Buster, of course, is a boy and has the most handsome orange and white tabby features.  Buster weighs in at around 14 pounds.  Maeby, the sweet little girl cat, is a brown/black/white tabby and weighs about 7 pounds.  These two are indoor only kitties.  Both cats get along well with dogs, especially Maeby, and have been around small children without any problems.  They are quite content to sit in your lap and be petted the moment you sit down.  These two are brother love each other so very much.

If you can help find these two loving cats a home together please contact me at: terry(at)foreverhomewanted(dot)com and please share them with others.

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