Update 2: Special Cats Ray Charles and Sister Rachael Still Need a Special Home

Update: July 1, 2013

Here’s another update on blind cat Ray Charles and his loving Sister Rachael. They are doing well in foster care and Sister Rachael is very outgoing and very loving. As expected, Ray Charles is taking a little longer to adjust to life as a young cat outside the confines of a cage. His foster Mom Laura has been able to feed him treats from her hand and she has been able to pick him up once and show him what love and cuddles are all about. Sister Rachael really looks after her brother and cries if he happens to be out of his sight as happened when they were moved to another room so that the foster area could be vacuumed.

Please continue to share their information as we would love nothing better than for them to find the perfect forever home together, and they must indeed remain together. Thanks.

UPDATE: June 16, 2013

Yesterday we had the pleasure of transporting Ray Charles and Sister Rachael to their foster home.  This has been a long time coming and now they will learn what a real home life is really like.  Ray Charles and Sister Rachael are still in need of a permanent home and we are searching for just the right place for them.  So please continue to share these beautiful kitties.

Sister Rachael

Here is Sister Rachael waiting to meet her foster Mom.  She was a little vocal about the trip, which was about a 2 hour drive for us but she settled down quite nicely after about the first half hour.

Ray Charles

Ray Charles, on the other paw, just sacked out and said to wake him when the ride was over!

Sister Rachael Gracie

Here’s Sister Rachael at her foster home having fun chasing the Cat Dancer toy which she spotted immediately.  The Vet and her wonderful staff renamed Rachael to Gracie so we’ve fondly been calling her Sister Rachael Gracie.  She is doing wonderful.  Ray Charles is a little scared and confused, but rightly so.  The poor guy has mostly been living in a cage since he was rescued so he will be learning what it is like to be a kitten and what home life is all about.

Ray Charles is blind, although he can likely see light and dark shadows.  Sister Rachael Gracie is not blind and was super socialized at the Vets.

Thank you for all your interest and concern about these special kitties.  Now then, let’s all work together to find them the best home together.

If you want to see which wonderful pet blogging family stepped up to give them a foster home then be sure to check out Brian’s Home Blog tomorrow, June 17th.


Ray Charles and Sister Rachael were born with a congenital condition called Entropion.

Ray CharlesR

Ray Charles

Sister RachaelS

Sister Rachael

This condition involves eyelids that roll inward against and rub the cornea of the eye. Entropion can cause a great deal of discomfort and pain and if left untreated can cause blindness. Imagine having something sharp poking against the center or most sensitive part of your eye every minute of every day. Dreadful….

Ray Charles and Sister Rachael were part of a huge colony of kitties that were trapped in a very rough trailer park. The residents of the park do not like cats and a number of them have been hit deliberately by cars trying to eliminate them. We are trying to TNR as many as we can and do have someone willing to feed them, but the numbers are great. We found these two, which have undergone surgery for their eye conditions. Sister Rachael can see but Ray Charles cannot. They are siblings and extremely loving. Because of their condition, especially that of Ray Charles, we do not want to have to put them back out in this neighborhood. We are searching for a home for them and because they are bonded siblings we would love to see them stay together. They are staying with a vet until they heal from their surgery BUT if no one comes forth they will have to go back out from whence they came. This, as you can imagine, might end up being a horrible outcome. We are praying for someone to open their home and heart to these two.

They are very quiet, somehow enormously sad for kitties that are so young, around 6 months old. They have just been sleeping all day long and do not play. I don’t think they know how. They love to be held and just look up at you when you hold them. They have been spayed/neutered and tested negative for FIV and FeLeuk and given a distemper and rabies shots.

Please help us find a miracle for these very sad babies. You can contact me, Terry at: terry (at) foreverhomewanted (dot) com

These babies are not in my possession, so if you are interested, or can help, please contact me. I will put you in contact with my rescue partner who will be handling the vetting process.

Please share, share, share and share some more. Thank you so much.