10 Things to Think About Before Getting a Family Pet

10 Things to Think About Before Getting a Family Pet (via www.thepetblog.net)

Thanks to Live In Nanny for this article! The family pet is an iconic part of the family unit, even if those pets aren’t of the traditional dog-and-cat variety. Pets are a great way to teach kids the importance of caring for another living thing, and give them a sense of responsibility. They’…

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7 years ago

To the writer of the article: NEVER buy from a “breeder” while MILLIONS of loving, deserving cats and kittens lose their lives annually in usa “shelters” alone for lack of responsible, permanent homes! And of course, living beings should never be thought of as being “owned” — that should never have been a term applied to anyone! Think about it, writer of the article. While that term is used ubiquitously, it’s extremely offensive to those of us whose ancestors were subjected to that most heinous of crimes, and also to anyone to whom companion animals are FAMILY MEMBERS and not… Read more »