Please Help Beautiful Momma & Daughter Cats Keep Their Reunion Forever – Greenville, SC


Dear humans of the internet,

My name is Dana, I’m the black kitty in the pictures and I’m laying with my Momma Mona. We are wonderful and loving cats, but we’ve had such an ordeal, and so I’m asking you if you can kindly help us out.

Dana and Mona

One day we were minding our own business, you know, just doing typical kitty stuff, and the next thing I knew my Momma was gone.  Gone, as in gone, utterly and completely gone.  I cried and I looked everywhere for her, but I just couldn’t find her anywhere.  I cried for her just as loud as I could, but no matter how loud I yelled I never got an answer.  Then I heard, through the rumor mill, that some h umans had trapped some kitties and carried them off.  I was hoping and praying that my Momma wasn’t one of them and I just couldn’t help it, I had to search for her and yell for her just a little longer.

My Momma was gone for what seemed like the longest time, and then it happened.  I must confess, I had no idea what one of those trap things looked like, but guess where I ended up.  Yes, and did you know you can’t get out of those things once you are silly enough to go in there?  Maybe if I yell loud enough my Momma will come help me.  Nope, it didn’t work out that way.  The next thing I knew I woke up and I had no idea where I’d been or what happened to me.  I felt a little groggy and sort of felt like something was missing, besides my Momma.

Then, after a while, those humans put me back in a cage and toted me off again.  Hey, the place they took me too looked familiar.  Oh, I recognize things, this was where I started, so I’d be get busy and do a little hunting for some food. Gosh I’m hungry.

MOMMA!  MOMMA!  MOMMA!  I saw my Momma, I really, really did!  I screamed just as loud as I could.  I was really her, and she saw me too.  We were finally together, and we promised each other we would do whatever we could to stay together, forever.  It turns out that we were both trapped and spayed by a local group called Concerned Citizens for Animals.  Our nice caretaker even went to Petco to get another bed so we would each have one, but we insist on being together, everywhere, one bed suits us just fine.  We are always together, no matter where we go.  You know what they say, the family that lays together, stays together

Dana and Mona

Our caretaker can’t keep us because he rescues and care for so many kitties, so we are hoping you will help find us a home, together.  We must stay together.  Other than major separation anxiety, we are healthy and very loving.  Can you please share our story and help us find that purrfect forever together home?  We will totally love you for the rest of our lives.

Kindest regards and thanks,

Daughter Dana and Momma Mona

NOTE: These girls are not in my possession, but is staying with their interim caretaker, so if you are interested, or can help, please contact me at terry(at)foreverhomewanted (dot) com.  I will put you in contact with the individual who will be handling the vetting process.

Please share, share, share and share some more.  Thank you so much.

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Theresa (& Prudence)
7 years ago

What a sweet pair. We love their background story too. Thank you for sharing them with us and here’s hoping that they find a wonderful home together soon!

Sue at Talking Dogs
7 years ago

Poor sweet kitties. Sharing.

Dogs N Pawz
7 years ago

They are beautiful! Hope they find a forever home real soon and thanks for joining the blog hop!

Marjorie Dawson
7 years ago

On our blog Brian. Tweets being scheduled. Facebook being notified. Pinned on Pinterest.

Dash Kitten
7 years ago

Opps * waves to brian * On MY bloggy 😉