PetKeeper Secrets Supports Just One Day 2013

Guest post by Nicholas Cuellar


There are few causes as worthy as saving lives. On June 11th Just One Day is helping bring together over 1,200 shelters, veterinarians, euthanasia technicians, and other supporters to save over 10,000 animals’ lives. If you’re looking to adopt a pet, many of the animal shelters that have taken the Just One Day pledge to not kill any savable animals will host adoption events with discounted rates, and stay open for extended hours. If you’re looking for a new friend, June 11th is the day! For just one day we will be a No-Kill nation. Find a participating local shelter or join the event here:

PetKeeper Secrets is proud to be a supporter of Just One Day. Part of our mission is to help save pets’ lives. We provide an extremely safe and effective Pet Odor & Stain remover, and work with animal shelters, rescue organizations, and amazing events like Just One Day to further this mission.

For Just One Day we are able to help by offering a special to all Just One Day supporters; we will donate $5 to Just One Day for every purchase made through June 11th. As an added bonus, we will be giving a $2 discount and free shipping too!

Visit: Enter Promo Code: “Just One Day”

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7 years ago

Beautiful concept!

7 years ago

Sharing to my s/n with *PRAYERS* and hope that one day in the not-too-distant future we will be able to celebrate JUST EVERY SINGLE DAY that every CAT and KITTEN has a loving, forever home.