5 Reasons to adopt a cat/kitten

Reposted with permission from Tampa Bay Pets Online.

STB Celebrates Adopt-A-Cat Month with Half-Priced Adoption Fees for Cats and Kittens -The Humane Society of Tampa Bay celebrates Adopt-A-Cat Month with half-priced adoption fees for cats and kittens in response to the millions of unwanted kittens who are born each spring and end up in shelters across the country.

For the past several months, HSTB staff members and volunteer foster parents have been busy caring for more than 200 abandoned kittens, many of whom will become available for adoption during the month of June. HSTB is offering the adoption fee discount to encourage potential pet parents to consider sharing their lives with a cat.

“The bottom line is that there are still way too many unwanted cats and kittens being euthanized in shelters every day,” said Sherry Silk, HSTB Executive Director. “Dogs remain America’s most popular pet choice, and while we love dogs, we want to make sure people know that cats are cool too!”

Silk lists some of the many reasons why people seeking a pet should adopt a cat:

  1. YOU ARE SAVING A LIFE: For every cat adopted out, a kennel is left empty for another cat in need. HSTB transfers cats and dogs Hillsborough County Animal Services each week in an effort to save as many animals as possible from being euthanized.
  2. IT’S GOOD FOR YOU: Research shows that simply stroking a cat can release “feel good” endorphins in the brain, and having a pet has been shown to lower blood pressure and the risk of heart disease.
  3. NO HOUSEBREAKING REQUIRED: Cats are very clean animals who, in addition to bathing themselves often, are able to figure out the litter box naturally. If you are running late one evening there is no need to worry about rushing home to let them out or take them on a walk.
  4. THEY ARE INDEPENDENT AND LOW MAINTENANCE: Because cats are naturally independent, they require little supervision once they pass the kitten stage. Set them up with a bowl of food, fresh water, and a soft place to sleep and they are good to go for several hours! They make perfect companions for people who work long hours, live in apartments or simply prefer a mellow pet.
  5. THEY ARE CUTE: Let’s face it, cats are cute and cuddly. Their soft, luxurious fur, striking eyes and nimble bodies make them irresistible. Anyone who has ever had a cat curl up on their chest and purr away knows there’s just nothing quite like it.

The adoption special is available through June 30, 2013. People who are interested in adopting a cat or kitten can visit the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, 3607 N. Armenia Avenue (MapTuesday through Friday from noon until 7:00PM, or Saturday and Sunday from 10:00AM until 5:00PM. The shelter is closed on Mondays. You can view their adoptable animals on the HSTB website. Individuals can also call 813.876.7138 for more information.