Handsome Greyhound Jawa Harry Sure Wants a Home – Greenville, SC

From Greyhound Crossroads, Greenville, SC:

Harry is a smaller fawn male that raced at 71lbs. He celebrates his 3rd birthday on May 11th and hopes to celebrate it with his new family. Harry’s sire is the famous Kiowa Mon Manny and his dam is Jawa Pattie. He just retired from the Sanford Orlando track and has 53 races to his credit. Harry passed his cat and small dog test by running toward them passing them with no interest and putting his nose in the cat food bowl right beyond them. We tried to get his attention back on the cat but he was way too interested in the food to pay any attention to small furry creatures. What a good boy! He is a food motivated guy. He pulls some on the leash happy to see everything but his foster home has been working on that and he is learning already and has almost stopped. He is a happy waggy guy that is very friendly to everyone he meets. He doesn’t potty on leash so would probably do better in a home with a fenced yard.

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