Beautiful Cat Eenie Meenie Is a Sweetie – Greenville, SC

From Lost Wildcat Rescue, Greenville, SC:

Eenie Meenie is a sweetheart!!! She comes to me about a half dozen times a day and it’s a special time. She meows and I pet her. She doesn’t jump up but I put her on my lap and give her extra special attention and then she’s ready to jump down in about a minute – but not ready to leave. I pet her a while after that too. If I’m busy when she comes in, she seems to understand and waits a little while and walks away and comes back later. She’s a sweet and loving kitty. Sometimes her meowing gets her sister’s attention and I pet both sweet kitties at the same time. She was born in May of 2011. P.S. If you would like to adopt two kitties, please consider her sister Meinie Mo. There would be only one adoption fee for both kitties.

See her on Petfinder: HERE