Little Dugan Dog Will Put His Best Paw Forward for You – Montgomery County, TX

From SPCA of Montgomery County Texas:

Now here’s a true Heinz 57 who, like ketchup, goes with just about anything! Meet Dugan, a delightful boy who is about 6 months old (although he is very calm for one so young).

Because of his short, sturdy legs and long back, we think Dugan has some Corgi in him and his handsome face looks a little bit German Shepherd but we’re really just guessing. But what we know for a fact is that “spare parts” Dugan is one cute little fella!

Right now he weighs about 15 pounds so we think he’ll grow up to be a medium-sized adult. And Dugan is one smart fella too. He figured out the workings of a doggie dog on his first day of freedom. (He is also completely house trained with access to doggie door during the day but is still afraid of going outside by himself at night so he’ll need a puppy pad at bedtime.)

Dugan would make a great pet for just about any family. He is gentle and friendly with adults and children at adoption day and shows no interest in chasing the resident parrot in his foster home. And he loves other dogs and would thrive in a home with a canine brother or sister to wrestle and tug with.

Like most puppies, Dugan likes exploring the world around him, but usually comes running back home when called. He is also current on all shots, heartworm negative and, of course, neutered. Now all he needs is to find a family who will love him forever.

See him here: