URGENT: Delightful Diabetic Cat Needs a Home – NOW! – Georgia


I have this from Diabetic Cats in Need on Facebook WEBSITE and am repeating it here for many non Facebook people. Please, share Tabby’s plight.  He is in Georgia but can be transported.

Tabby’s owner just passed away days ago and now he is living alone with only a care giver going in to check on him. Things are moving a bit faster than expected. Tabby’s late owners’ belongings are being removed from her apartment at assisted living later this week.

Tabby will be relocated into his owner’s former home, which is sparse and currently for sale, and he’ll continue to be alone. He needs a new home ASAP! He is currently in Georgia but transport can be arranged.

Please contact :-  JennF AT dcin DOT info

Reposted with permission from: http://dashkitten.com/887/diabetic-cat-tabby-eergency-needs-a-home/


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Donna Sims
Donna Sims
7 years ago

I saw this about Tabby and the fact that he is living alone, we are older people, 55 and 73, and have medical problems, however we love cats, all animals. We have three pit bull dogs, and two cats of 15 or 16 months old. One male, Buster, and female, Rae; what I need to know is how much expense is involved in taking Tabby in our home? That is basically all that I need, we live in Tulsa, OK, and the transport is what worries me, how would we get the baby here? We are far from rich in… Read more »

Donna Sims
Donna Sims
7 years ago

Hear is my phone number and e-mail also 918-933-9644 and bastshalimar@yahoo.com if you need to contact me, I forgot to include it in my response.
Thanks for your caring and help you are giving this beautiful cat. You are an angle

Donna Sims