Kudos to Southwest Airline for Helping Ace the Cat Get Back Home

Every once in a while you see one of those stories where you just want to stand up and cheer.  My friends Gin & Bailey recently shared one of those stories with me.  The story is about Ace, an 11 year old cat, who went missing from his home in Tuscon, AZ approximately 10 months ago.  Adorable Ace had been found at the South Wood County Humane Society in Wisconsin, some 1800 miles away from his home.

To say his family is thrilled would be an understatement.  Ace isn’t talking about his journey, so nobody knows how he made it that far.  There was a problem though, how in the world do they get Ace back home, 1800 miles away?  The nice folks at Southwest Airlines solved that problem, Ace will be flying home, in-cabin with an escort, compliments of Southwest Airlines.  I want to say thank you to Southwest Airlines for making this possible, and if you get a chance, please thank them too.

If you would like to see Ace and read the original story, you can find it here: Missing for months, Tuscon cat found in Wisconsin – KGUN-TV

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Joanne Ferguson
Joanne Ferguson
7 years ago

Thank you, Brian! I couldn’t agree more! As Ace’s mom, it was just amazing how they jumped right into things to help me out!!! Working at the airport, I went to the ticket counter and explained my situation! Cindy Lalonde just said, “I’ll bring him back. Let me figure it out, you go back to work and I’ll let you know what we come up with”. She arranged it all! The Marketing manager from Milwaukee, Gary Schmidt flew Ace from there to Las Vegas, while Cindy flew from Tucson to Nevada, obtained the precious cargo and flew back to Tucson.… Read more »