What Pet Owners Must Do to Get New York Apartments

What Pet Owners Must Do to Get New York Apartments (via The Dog’s Store)

In a seemingly endless game of cat-and-mouse, pet owners do many things to ease their way into the apartment of their dreams — legitimate and not so. They offer to pay large sums in advance to cover the potential cost of refinishing scratched floors or replacing damaged lobby carpet. Owners of…

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7 years ago

Amazing and mind-boggling! I suppose it’s out of the question to find a pet friendly hotel in Manhattan. I am learning that other hotels/motels who say they are pet friendly will not take cats – just dogs.

7 years ago

All of those restrictions sound like yet more excellent reasons to forget the dogs and adopt CATS! who are cleaner, quieter, smaller, adapt well to smaller spaces, and don’t require walks. Also, cats are loyal, loving, and beautiful, adding their charm, grace and cachet to any surroundings. Cats are the nation’s and the world’s most beloved companions for these and so many other good reasons. ADOPT CATS!

Beagles and Bargains
7 years ago

I don’t live in Manhattan, but I am searching for a new pet friendly rental and it is hard to come by. Even when pets are allowed you have to pay outrageous fees or are looked down upon by the potential landlord. I really wish there were more pet friendly rental options!