Project: Pet Slim Down from Purina and Target – Don’t Weight Until It’s Too Late

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With more than half of America’s pets overweight, it's time for pet owners to realize that burning calories can be as simple—and rewarding—as making shared time together more active and playful. In fact, in many cases, it can also be a powerful motivator to get pet owners moving as well.

Project: Pet Slim Down has already begun a year-long collaboration with Target. If you want your pet to be healthy—and happy—Project: Pet Slim Down can help get you started. Just as people need a combination of healthy eating and increased activity to get in shape, so do pets. The accountability of a supervised program can make the difference between success and failure. Through Project: Pet Slim Down, pet owners are encouraged to work with a veterinarian to create a feeding and activity program that’s designed specifically for you and your pet.

Project: Pet Slim Down™ from Purina® is a free online program that helps pets reach an ideal weight. The program provides online tools, including body condition charts, weight-loss tips, feeding instructions and videos of pets that have successfully lost weight on the program.

Forget exercise. You can help your overweight pet play his way to fitness. Calorie burning doesn’t have to be hard. It can be as simple—and rewarding—as spending more time playing together. Excess weight is a problem shared by pets and owners—and so is a less-than-active lifestyle. Even if you can’t spend more time with your pet, you can make your shared time more active.

Go to and check out tips on fun and fitness with your pet. You will also read inspiring stories of cats and dogs that have lost weight with the help of this program.