Pet Adoption: Black cats and dogs need love too – Payson Roundup – Payson, AZ

When people go to the Humane Society or animal shelter looking to adopt a pet, they are more than likely going to leave with one that is a lighter color or one with interesting markings. There are no hard scientific studies as to why black cats and dogs are left behind, often never being adopted, but there are a lot of good theories. This is often called Black Dog Syndrome, though it applies equally to cats.

#Why Black Dogs and Cats Are Harder to Adopt Out

#It’s not usually a conscious decision on the part of the potential pet owner. There are often other factors that come into play.

#Black Pets Are Harder to See

#The simplest reason is that black fur is harder to see. In animal shelters, the lighting may not be all that great, and a dog or cat with lighter or colorful fur simply stands out better. People often fall in love at first sight with pets, so the easier-to-see pets have a far better shot at getting picked up and going home.

#People Love Facial Features

#Dogs and cats with all black faces, and no other markings, are at a real disadvantage because it’s very hard to see their facial features and expressions. So, people tend to assume they lack personality.

See more on the original here:  Pet Adoption: Black cats and dogs need love too | Payson Roundup – Payson, AZ.

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7 years ago

Its just so unfair that black cats are
not appreciated like they should be.