Stray animals deserve our love, compassion

WHEN Dr Edwin Singam, a veterinarian, joined the Johor Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), he heard many horrific stories about cats being doused with petrol and set alight, of fire crackers being tied to the tail of a cat, of a dog with a hole in its tongue because someone had placed a lighted cigarette against it.

Today, there are fewer of such cases of animal cruelty.

The most common complaint received by the Johor SPCA was of dogs being chained all day in the open and exposed to the elements.

Dr Edwin said the community has improved in this aspect but there is still a need to spread awareness of how to control the stray population.

I met Dr Edwin at a cat adoption programme at KIP Mart Tampoi recently. This was the third time the market in Taman Tampoi Indah, Johor Baru, organised such a campaign.

The cats being put up for adoption during the three-day event were all strays that had been caught wandering in the wet market in Taman Perling.

Dr Edwin said there is a Singaporean couple who comes in regularly to feed the stray cats in Taman Perling.

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7 years ago

Devils and monsters occur in all societies, and these kinds are the worst of criminals. They will absolutely be called to account for crimes against the most innocent, vulnerable and blameless of all, and pay for their crimes. I wish it would occur in this life for them, but certainly it will occur in the time to come, as they will be judged by One from Whom they cannot hide.