Great Pyrenees Dog Monet Will Melt Your Heart – Greenville, SC

From k9.5 Rescue, Greenville, SC:


Monet is a darling Great Pyrenees with a personality that shines. A small Pyr, at 75lbs, she still has the gigantic heart and substantial beauty of the breed. A grin that will melt your heart, she knows exactly when to flash it to make you fall in love over and over again.

Although shy upon initially meeting people, she warms up fairly quickly. Monet has a happy heart that is easy to adore. She loves to lean on you and sit next to you while you rest, work, or watch television. She also likes to trot beside you when you're walking around the house or yard, just to say “I like being with you! This is fun!” She is a very intelligent girl and is house trained and crate trained. She loves toys and bones, and you'll often see her prancing around with one hanging out of her mouth or curled up with one between her paws. She thinks they're great!

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