May is Momma Cat Adoption Month at Domino’s House – Palm City, FL

PALM CITY — Mother’s Day is the day when human mothers are celebrated. They often receive presents, flowers and are taken out to lunch or dinner. They are thanked for all they do for their families, and rightfully so. Not so feline mothers. Female pets that get pregnant are too often punished by being sent to a shelter, where they may simply get killed, or pushed out of their homes and abandoned. Too often they have to struggle to simply survive and take care of themselves and their kittens. Sometimes a kind person will come to their rescue. Those are the cats and kittens that will have a chance at happy lives.

If they’re lucky they’ll wind up in a kind person’s home or in a caring shelter where they’re housed, fed and just generally taken care of, including veterinary care if needed. Their kittens are born, cherished and they grow quickly; and, of course, are simply adorable. People come and ooh and aah over them and they are usually quickly adopted. Momma cat, with her work done, is pretty much ignored because too many people are only looking for cute little kittens.

But adopting a momma cat has its own advantages. She’s grown up, but not old. She’s usually between the ages of one to three and while still young and playful, she’s not frantically active as so many kittens are. More often than not, she’s “house friendly,” well socialized, litter box trained, with a known purrsonality and has all the making of a wonderful and loving pet.

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