Bilingual Rocky Dog Is Ready to Roll Into Your Life – Spartanburg, SC

From Spartanburg Humane Society, Spartanburg, SC:

Rocky is an adolescent lab mix who is bilingual! We are still getting to know him, but we suspect that he might prefer Spanish over English, but he is willing to give an English speaking home a try! In his former home, Rocky lived indoors. He got along well with all members of his family, including another dog, and he was described as very housetrained and crate trained. Unfortunately, when spending time outdoors unsupervised, Rocky had a habit of digging under the fence in search of adventure, which wasn’t popular with the neighbors. At the shelter Rocky has been shy and reserved, which is how his owners described him around strangers. But don’t be fooled! Rocky’s favorite things were running and playing in dirt! He is just a baby in lab years and is active and energetic in comfortable settings. Rocky tested positive for heartworm disease. This suggests that he did not receive the preventative care he needed in his former home. Generous Guardian Angels will cover the cost of his treatment at the SHS Veterinary Clinic. It will be scheduled a few weeks after he has found his new home and had time to settle in. So – are you looking for a handsome and playful best friend who will dig his way into your heart? Rocky is waiting for you!

See him here: Petfinder Adoptable Dog | Labrador Retriever | Spartanburg, SC | Rocky

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7 years ago

Rocky is my dream dog! I am so certain he will find a home soon! 🙂 Can’t wait to have my own place soon so hopefully I can rescue a big dog like him in the future! 🙂