Guest post: Has Great Comparison Tools for Pet Lovers – by Conrad Yu

All pets deserve a home, but sometimes we can’t help but choose one that fits our living conditions. For example, you wouldn’t want to adopt a Siberian Husky if you live in Atlanta, Georgia in a small apartment. Huskies are energetic dogs that are not suitable for small, indoor homes.

With all the different dog breeds, it is imperative that if you adopt, you make sure that you are bringing home a pet that you will not only love, but will love living with.

FindTheBest’s cat breed and dog breed comparisons offer important data points to making this decision, including temperament, hypoallergenic breed, shedding and grooming, weight, group of breed, and life expectancy.

Once you do bring home that special new member, remember to also compare dry dog foods and compare dry cat foods to find a suitable diet and ensure a long and healthy life.