Princess Dog Would Just Love to Share Your Throne – Seattle, WA

From Seattle Animal Shelter, Seattle, WA:


Without further ado, meet our first pet of the week, Princess!

Princess is the perfect name for this tiny Chihuahua pup. She is a wonderful, sweet, four year old lap dog who would be a good choice for someone considering a first dog. A mellow girl with a charming personality, Princess has a very special marking on her coat that looks just like a heart. She also has a bit of playful goofiness in her that you will see when she rolls around on her back. Princess is calm, relaxed, eager to please and cooperative. She loves being held and cuddled. Princess is very treat motivated, especially if cheese is the treat. She will make a wonderful companion for snuggling on the couch and watching TV, followed by a leisurely stroll.

See her here: Seattle Animal Shelter Pet of the Week: Princess » Queen Anne View