Will Grumpy Cat Play With It? @Friskies #WillKittyPlay #Friskies

Internet sensation Grumpy Cat debuted in the Friskies “Will Kitty Play With It?” webisode series. In this series, Friskies features household items hidden under a cardboard box to be revealed to the cat contestant. With Grumpy’s celebrity appearance, the question now becomes, “Will Grumpy Cat Play With It?” – and we don’t think she’s too impressed.

The videos featuring Grumpy Cat can be found on Friskies Facebook page and Friskies’ You Tube channel. Here are the links to all three of Grumpy Cat’s “Will Kitty Play With It?” episodes:

Episode 1: http://bit.ly/ZfTWiB

Episode 2: http://bit.ly/WRTz1b

Episode 3: http://bit.ly/X1zpSt

Have fun everyone!!!