Local woman helps dogs find foster home in Pittsburgh

Two furry, four-legged brothers traveled more than 500 miles this week to reach their destination in Pittsburgh.

And their journey for a home still continues.

Sampson and Spencer are both 7-year-old Keeshond/Golden Retriever mix dogs who have been together since birth. They grew up in Starke County until their elderly owner could no longer take care of them. The dogs were taken to the Starke County Humane Society, located at 0104 Ind. 10 in North Judson, where they were kept until time started running out for them.

It was then that they crossed paths with Alex Laun.

Laun, who is a resident of La Porte, is a dog enthusiast — and she has a soft spot for dogs in the pound or at rescue centers. Laun says she constantly posts pictures and information about dogs on her Facebook in an effort to find homes for the dogs.

Laun stumbled upon Sampson and Spencer on Facebook through a dog adoption promotion at a Kansas rescue. Upon further investigation into the promotion, she noticed the two were actually at the Starke County Humane Society.

Keeshonds are big dogs and, having three herself, including a puppy, Laun was unable to take them. But she wanted to make sure they were taken care of since they were older, big dogs.

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