Pet adoption center provides alternative to mistreatment of pets – GUEST OPINION

For a majority of pet owners, including myself, their cat, dog, rabbit, or hamster are treated like members of the family. We sleep and cuddle with them, celebrate birthdays and go for car rides “just because.” To some people, animals are not thought of or treated in that way. There are those who believe that animals belong outside; they are after all, just animals.

The Michigan State Dog Law allows animals to be kept outside, as long as the animal is provided with proper food, water and shelter. While these may seem like the bare minimum for animal care, it is unfortunate that the Oakland County Animal Control Division responds to more than 500 reports of animal abuse within our service area.

Sometimes, the issue is simple ignorance on how to raise a healthy and happy pet. Often times, one visit from our division is all that’s needed to give pet owners a quick crash course on the do’s and don’t’s of pet care.

Other common problems are lack of financial resources to care for a pet. There are programs and organizations that can help: low-cost clinics, food banks and hay banks. On a daily basis, the Oakland Pet Adoption Center puts people in touch with local organizations they can contact for help. Everyone goes through hard times, but that doesn’t mean their pet has to.

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7 years ago

Dogs should be kept outside, if people want them at all. But cats belong indoors-only, spayed/neutered and protected!