Help Panther Cat: He Was Almost Put to Sleep Twice and Deserves to Live – Greenville, SC

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Panther was in the Concerned Citizens for Animals program back in 2007
when he was a little kitten. A woman filled out an application for
kitties to be spayed/neutered through CCA. He was taken to Spartanburg
Humane Society and at the time microchipped to CCA. The woman named him
Panther because he is black and is big and has yellow eyes.

Please save Panther

Almost three weeks ago someone trapped him in a neighborhood that they
would not disclose and gave a ficticious address in Greenville, SC. This
person gave him to Greenville County Animal Care Services. Now is where
the story gets unbelievable. This kitty should have been kept for three
to five days and then if no one claimed him he would be put to sleep.
Panther was kept there almost two and one half weeks.

We don’t know why but there is the first or maybe second of his nine
lives used up. Then he was given a shot to put him to sleep and laid on
the table with an IV in him to put him to death, his next life passing
quickly. Before they could put the needle in his arm, one of the techs
decides to check him for a microchip, and low and behold he has one.
Panther is allowed to wake up. CCA is full and has no place for him and
was going to let him just be put down when a dear guardian angel tried
to step in, (YIKES).

The guardian angel did not think that, because she is not the owner,
that they would allow anyone to pull him. True. On Thursday he was
taken from his cage, given a needle and laid on the table to be put to
sleep a second time!!!!! Then one half hour before the shelter closes a
call comes in that the guardian angel wants to pull him, and they wake
him up once again.

Panther was taken to our Vet because he has an upper respiratory
infection due to being at the shelter so long and we also wanted him
retested for FIV and FeLeuk. He was given a convenia shot for the URI
and he tested negative for FIV and FeLeuk and was given his shots with a
three year rabies, and Revolution.

When he arrived at the vets office it was his first chance to flee. So
when the carrier was opened, out he ran. He was finally netted, a very
scary ordeal, and suffered the indignity of being swooped in the air
and twisted to keep him in the net, and then thrown back into the
carrier. That was life number four or five.

He is enormously scared, and no tvery happy. We cannot tell if he
is truly feral or just scared beyond all else or maybe a little of both.
I have a feeling he is just scared, who wouldn’t be?

We urgently need a place that someone could keep him in a cage or porch
or some place for some time and then let him be an outdoor kitty. This
has been a real faith journey for dear Panther and it seems that God,
for reasons only He knows, would not allow him to be put to death.

While Easter may be over, we are in need of an Easter miracle for dear
Panther. Is there another someone out there in the land of ultimate
kitty lovers who can take him in, not necessarily as a family pet, but
to allow him to live out his years well fed and happy in the outdoors
which he loves??? He is living in someone’s garage temporarily for a
week or so until he gets better from the URI, but after that???

Please help us help Panther. Email me at brian (at) brianshomeblog
(dot) com if you or anyone you know can help.

From our original post here: URGENT: We Need a Late Easter Miracle for Dear Panther Cat | Brian's Home


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7 years ago

*PRAYERS* and sharing magnificent Panther. May he finally have the loved, protected life he deserves! <3

7 years ago

I hope Panther will find help. He has used up too many of his 9 lives and deserves to live.