Meet Merry Dog and Be Her Family – Coronado Island (

Our girl Merry was found in Coronado as a stray, dirty and greasy…

But with a couple of baths, the Coronado Animal Care Facility staff quickly turned her into a beautiful girl, revealing her soft, curly but somewhat wiry white coat.

This girl wears a smile 24/7 and is always happy to be in your company.  In fact, she’d prefer a family who are nearby most of the time or can take her with them.  She’s nosey and very interested to watch the world around her.

Merry’s walks are a big highlight for her, and she enjoys the ability to meet and greet new people along the way.

She’ll make you laugh out loud with her figure eight speed workout, her warm up to a bit of exercise.

She seems to get along with the other dogs at the ACF, so may enjoy the companionship of another dog.

You can meet Merry at the Coronado Animal Care Facility, located at 1395 First Street, next to the Ferry Landing.  Hours of operation are every day between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm (except holidays).

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