Come Kiss KissKiss Cat and Take Her Home – Northbrook, IL Patch

From Heartland Animal Shelter, Northbrook, IL:

KissKiss is an exquisite Angora mixed kitty. She has a gorgeous long-haired calico coat and the most beautiful round emerald green eyes. All she wants in life is a permanent home with a nice big bed. Her last owner had adopted her from another shelter but could only keep me for a year due to financial hardship. She is a very good kitty. She is very social, has gracious manners, and is really an all-around A-Plus girl! She was born in March of 2008. Her previous owner started calling her Kitty-Kitty and then Kissy-Kissy so she always made sure she responded to her. This fabulous girl would just love to meet you! Photo Credit Jenny Nogle

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