Rhino’s New Hire Not Housetrained

The Muse and I became dog owners again last week, and all I can say is, I wonder what took us so long. My redheaded companion, Mina, passed away in August 2011, and it didn't seem right to just rush out and get a replacement because, as dog lovers know, you can't replace a dog. But you can get another completely unique animal.

I have been looking for a while, but the timing has never seemed quite right as both the Muse and I are working more than ever. However, my brother Nat, who lives in Salisbury and runs Hammer Truck Sales on I-85 at exit 74, hammertrucks.com (I thought I'd give him a free plug), is a huge dog lover. When I mentioned in passing that it might be time for me to get another dog I started getting text messages and emails of photos of really cute puppies.

I understand that the way dating goes these days is first you meet on the internet and then you meet in person. Evidently, dog adoption has gone the same route. Monday, March 4, Nat sent me a photo of an incredibly cute Australian shepherd-mix puppy at Faithful Friends Animal Sanctuary in Salisbury.

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