Pet Adoption via the Airwaves – Mesabi Daily News

MOUNTAIN IRON — Yips and barks resounded as sibling puppies scrambled after each other under a chair. Plaintive mews could be heard as adult cats waited patiently for food, or a new owner. And Billy, an older border collie-mix, acted as greeter with a polite sniff and tail-wag for visitors.

It wasn’t some major animal hassle on an overrun pet owner’s porch, but a mobile adoption clinic held Friday by the Mesabi Humane Society in the lobby of the Holiday Inn Express in Mountain Iron.

And the noise could be heard all the way to Duluth, as staffers from Radio Station KQDS there broadcast live in the lobby during the event.

The event was the second one held by the Virginia-based animal shelter, the first one occurring in January at the AmericInn in Mountain Iron. The shelter also contracts with a number of cities for animal control services.

Plans are for mobile menageries to visit other places on the Range with similar events during the year.

“We want to bring our animals all over,” said Mesabi Humane Society Director Sara Andrews.

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