Please Say Okay to Sweet Dog Shay – Spartanburg, SC

From Critter Connection, Spartanburg, SC:


Update 12/2/12: Shay had his surgery and is now so much better and active! He's ready for his new permanent home!

Shay is a 1 year old Border Collie/Lab mix. He was found limping and hungry by a wonderful couple who gave him care and love until they were able to get him to Critter Connection. The reason he was limping is that his leg was dislocated from his hip, and since it has been that way for a while, it cannot be put back in to the joint. He limps and whines when he plays or goes for longer walks. Since he is still young, he needs more exercise, and now is the time to fix his leg so he can finish growing as normally as possible. Shay has been the sweetest pup through all of this. He loves his squeaky toys, prefers to nap in your lap, and loves every two- and four-legger he meets. He is quite a smart puppy and his eyes show it. He is a thinker, and once he is mobile, will become a wonderful, playful companion.


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