Dashing Dasher Dog Dreams of Home – Fairfax County, VA

From Fairfax County Animal Shelter, VA:


Looking to add a furry friend to your household? Here's some information about one of the pets up for adoption at the Fairfax County Animal Shelter:

“Staff took Dasher home to foster for one night. He was a perfect gentleman! He was wonderful getting in and out of the car – was very gentle when he met two cats and a female dog. He was non-reactive when my female dog growled at him and was perfect around the cats.

“He came in, laid on a soft doggy bed, and made himself right at home. Very calm dog – would be wonderful with children or other pets. No issues with marking or dominance the entire night. Slept through the night. Appears to be completely potty-trained. He is incredibly gentle and trusting – not needy or anxious, just so happy to have a soft, warm bed.

“Dasher does have some trouble getting into the car and getting up large steps. Just needs a little assistance. What a great dog. The family that gets him is very lucky!”

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