Pooler pet store hosts dog & cat adoption event – The Coastal Source

If you know the Bible or at least some references in the Bible, then you will understand when I say “Melba” has the patience of Job.

The orange tabby cat who turned 7 months old today could not have been more kind and patient with my toddler son.

He hugged Melba, talked gibberish to the cat in a high octave, ran around him, and hugged him numerous more times.

My husband and I deal with about all the pet hair in our house that we can handle since we have two shedding dogs, but still we are tempted to add Melba to our home. He was just that sweet.

Melba’s brother “Cobbler” was also so sweet.

“They were born in the rescue, so we’ve been taking them to these events since they were kittens,” said Lisa Scarborough who founded Coastal Pet Rescue (CPR) ten years ago.

Many people have interacted with Melba and Cobbler since their birth in the fall and that is what has helped make them such sociable, laid back cats, according to Scarbrough.

Ten volunteers joined Scarbrough Saturday at TailsSpin pet food and supply store in Pooler. CPR asked the store if it could hold a pet adoption fair and dog washing event. TailsSpin’s owners Jusak Bernhard and Jeff Manley are big supporters of adoptable dogs and cats and regularly host events like the one CPR held Saturday.

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