Family’s Dog Fostering Leads to Adoption –

Ray Line never had been a dog person, but Sully didn’t know that.

As Line sat on a couch in his Mira Mesa living room, Sully, a little dachshund-beagle mix, burrowed into his lap as Line rubbed his ears.

Line was explaining how he and his wife, Jennifer, volunteered to provide a foster home for Sully while Second Chance Dog Rescue found him a home. After caring for him for about a week, the Lines adopted him. That was about two years ago. The same thing happened recently, when Hopper, a miniature pinscher/Chihuahua, started out in foster care and then was adopted.

“I never grew up with dogs,” says Line. “It’s kind of opened my eyes. Now I wish I had pets when I was growing up.”

Now, the two little dogs have the run of the house, scampering between rooms, wrestling and carting around toys much bigger than they are. Meanwhile, the Lines’ two children, ages 7 and 8, adore the dogs, help care for them and actually give up computer time to play with them.