Group Hopes to Increase Pet Adoption from Animal Shelter

The Tallahassee city commission voted unanimously Wednesday to approve funds for the Animal Services Center.

At the meeting, you could see several people wearing red, hoping to push a unified message.

“To support all of the animals at the Animal Service Center that come in that are in the care of the staff,” said Lauren Perlman, a volunteer with the Animal Services Center.

The group of animal shelter volunteers want to see people adopt animals from the local shelter. They say a lot of the animals in the shelter get killed if they're not picked up by loving families.

“People may have other adoption sources. They may go to rescues, they may go to family and friends, things like that. They may not know about the shelter,” Perlman said.

The commission approved several sources of funding for the shelter, such as a grant from the ASPCA.

“Obviously we're excited. The commission, as I said, has been a long supporter of the Animal Services Center,” said Dee Crumpler, director of Parks, Recreation and Neighborhood Affairs.

Last year, there were close to three thousand adoptions from the animal shelter.

They hope to raise the number by 386 animals this year.

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