The ABCs of Pet Adoption

Adopting a pet is a momentous decision—one that no doubt requires a lot of thought. There’s nothing quite like visiting a shelter, connecting with an animal, and bringing her home to join your family. While you might envision taking home your new pet the same day you visit the shelter, it’s important to stay realistic. A lot of preparation is involved to ensure you are successfully matched with the new dog or cat of your dreams, and shelters have protocols and processes to help them best match an animal with a new caregiver. Before you head out in search of your forever friend, read these tips to improve your experience.

What to bring

Make sure you have a current photo ID as well as an additional proof of residency, such as a utility bill mailed to you at your current address.

If you are a renter, bring a copy of your lease and have your landlord’s name and phone number ready. If your lease does not definitively state that you can have pets in your home, have your landlord sign a letter granting permission to have a pet.

Expect to be asked to provide veterinarian contact information and records for your current pets and any you had in the past. Even if this will be your first pet, have a veterinarian lined up before you go to the shelter.

Adoption is a family affair

Shelters want to be certain that all members of the household, including children, are ready for a new furry friend, so make sure to bring the whole family with you.

Do you live with a roommate? Even if you will be the sole caregiver, bring your roommate along for the adoption as well. If they are unavailable to be present on adoption day, you may be expected to provide their phone number for shelter staff to discuss the adoption with them. As with your landlord, it is also a good idea to have a signed letter from your roommate if they are not available.

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