Furry Companions Waiting For Adoption in Milpitas, CA

There's an instant connection, according to the Silicon Valley Humane Society, when people find just the right pet. Organizers are hoping to se a lot of those special connections on Saturday during a dog adoption showcase event.

The weekly showcase is scheduled for Saturdays at noon at 901 Ames Ave. in Milpitas.

Organizers say they want to make the dog is compatible and a good match, so they ask that the entire family comes to the showcase. The goal, they say, is to send the dogs home with good families and to make sure the dogs don't come back.

Anyone looking to adopt a dog should consider what kind of dog they are looking for and its personality: energetic, calm, patient, etc.

No matter what you're looking for, there's likely a dog waiting for you.

Originally posted here: Furry Companions Waiting For Adoption in Milpitas – Milpitas, CA Patch