Cat Adoption Team urgently seeks donations for its Cat Food Bank –

For the first time ever, Cat Adoption Team has run out of food to distribute at its monthly Cat Food Bank.

The Cat Food Bank, which is supported entirely through donations, has been providing free cat food to struggling cat owners since June 2008. Since then, the nonprofit has distributed more than 135,000 pounds of free food.

The Cat Food Bank also distributes cat food to three area senior centers and their Meals on Wheels programs.

The goal of the Cat Food Bank is to keep cats home with their families.

Each month, it distributes more than 2,500 pounds of free cat food. Clients typically receive about 7 1/2 pounds of dry food per cat, for up to four cats per household, and several cans of wet food each month.

But at its Feb. 10 distribution, the Cat Food Bank gave out 2,540 pounds of dry cat food and 1,244 cans of wet food, emptying all of the shelves. Some clients received less food than they otherwise would have.

There is now no food available for the March 10 Cat Food Bank distribution, except for about 100 cans of wet food.

Donations have decreased severely over the last seven months. Despite a grant to help keep the food bank stocked, the Cat Food Bank is still struggling to meet the continued demand.

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