Pet adoption event allows closer look – Charlotte, NC

Entering the Tractor Supply Co. on Feb. 9, you might have thought you had walked into a pet store.

Dogs barked, cats meowed and people “awwed” as the store hosted its weekly Adopt-A-Pet event.

The event, a cooperative effort hosted by Tractor Supply Co., brings together Friends for Life Cat Adoptions, Friendly Paws and Cabarrus Trap Neuter and Release to help place rescued pets in homes.

The groups bring approximately 30 cats and 10 dogs each Saturday.

The events started in 1997 at PetSmart but moved to Tractor Supply, 104 Commercial Parks Drive in Concord, the week before Christmas last year. Jan Scere, with Friends for Life Cat Adoptions, said they have placed 60 animals since the move and placed about 300 animals in 2012.

On Saturdays, Scere is joined by a handful of regular volunteers and Linda Brown of Friendly Paws to show the dogs and cats up for adoption. Scere returns with her volunteers on Sundays with only cats.

This past Saturday, among those who were considering adoption was Hilary Aitken, looking at Remi Martin, a male cat Aitken said looked similar to her last cat. Aitken’s cat had died a few months before she and her fiancée, Justin Blackwell, who works at Tractor Supply, came to take a look.

They both liked Remi Martin.

“That is the one that tried to grab my hand as I walked by,” said Aitken as she stroked Remi Martin’s fur, smiling.

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