Great Letter: Shelter pets have a lot to offer

On Jan. 11, we lost our wonderful 15-year-old Boston terrier.

Shortly thereafter, I got on the Internet, made a few calls, etc., and honestly was shocked at what current prices are for dogs. And the majority were puppies, which certainly take more time and patience to raise.

Even though some animals at adoption centers are not really desirable, I decided to at least take a look. I went over to the Yuba/Sutter SPCA on Sutter Street, and the first dog that they brought out was absolutely adorable.

A year-old mini pinscher completely housebroken, immunized and spayed. I adopted her on the spot.

Even though the adoption facility thought that the dog may be a mix like most dogs are at shelters, our Internet research at home indicated that she may possibly be a purebred. It really didn't matter to us whether she was mix or purebred,. But the point is, there are good dogs (and I am sure cats) at adoption centers that make good pets.

I probably saved a grand and avoided puppy training and couldn't be happier. Every dog and cat lover in our community should at least give shelters a chance.

Stephen Clark

Yuba City

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