Pet adoption – Try fostering a cat or dog first

Many years ago, I was pet-less for several years during a time when I worked long hours while establishing my career. I eventually moved in with a roommate who had a couple of cats. During that year, I realized that I did have the time and energy to welcome a cat or cats back into my life full-time and moved forward with a pet adoption when my roommate moved. You don't need to move in with someone with a cat or a dog to test the waters either.

If you’ve been debating adopting a pet, there is a very good way to find out if you’re ready before making that long-term commitment – fostering. By fostering, you are offering a short-term home for dogs and cats that are waiting for a home through rescues before moving onto a pet adoption.

Shelters also use fosters for socializing kittens and puppies or while they are waiting for space to open on the adoption floor for older, recently rescued pets or pets overwhelmed in a shelter environment. Although some pets have come from difficult circumstances and need experienced homes, many dogs and cats settle in quickly and just need a loving temporary place to stay until their true forever family find them.

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I agree!